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Here you can find a few things I have to offer. Incl needle workshops and mental kink guidance.

Not what you're looking for as a sub? Don't be afraid to send me an email with your personal request or desire. But approach me humble and with respect, otherwise I'll never answer.

There is so much more to discover than the few things I put here. But let me warn you; I only touch your dick for pain and torture. Don't think you can touch me or have me perform any sexual acts! So if you're looking for lust don't contact me. I'm here to teach you some discipline, do perverted games on you and have you push your pain boundaries.

Before every session you have to fill out a form regarding to your health. Session only can be booked via email or whats app.

Important to know:

- I charge extra for sessions at a Sunday.

- Special clothing requests are possible but I also charge extra.

- I only wear latex during booked 'Latex  Sessions'.

- all equipment, furniture and the room itself is cleaned with professional cleaning agent by Dr. Schumacher

How to approach me?

- Introduce yourself properly.

- Your interests, do's and more importantly your dont's/ limits. Is there room to push your boundaries?

- Your bdsm experiences so far.

- Your health status.

I only work with deposits using IBAN, Wishtender ( Ideal possible) or Paypal before I release my address.

Payed a deposit and can't make it to the session for whatever reason? Deposits are not refundable but its possible to seek a new date for a session.




Welcome in my playroom. My chamber of doom! The possibilies are endless, I can go hard on you or you wanna worship my feetin nylons? Bondage, medical play, caning and whipping its all possible. Contact me through email or whats app to make an appointment.
Sessions take place is Maaseik, BE

Vrouw met koffer en tas

Fly me to you...

Ahw, what a pity, you live to far away... But there is a solution, you can fly me to you! All costs on you of course..I'll pack everything I need for us to have a good time and I expect you to spoil and serve me with all costs covered. 


Latex Sessions

You have a big latex fetish?
Some breathplay while I sit in my latex legging on your face.. vacuumbed or latex catsuit bondage fun?
Some latex for slaves is also availeble: leggings, gloves, bondage suits, masks, dresses. All size m


Medical Play ( my fav)

It's time to examen you!

Needles, Hooks, Instruments on my surgery table, medical gloves, piss therapy, sounding.

My vintage table from the soviet is waiting for you.

Several scenarios are possible:

- Dental appointments

- Surgical procedures

- Urology appointments

- Proctology appointments

- General medical examination

- Saline injections

- Needle play, hooks, incisions, stitches, Nails etc



for beginners.
Wanna start playing with needles but you don't know how or where to begin? Let me guide you through the whole process step by step.
In the near future I also will organize some workshops where you can practice with one of my subs. Date to be announced.


Blood packages

3 different packages of film and photo footage are available.

A large package which contains over 1h of video blood footage and +/- 100 images.

Medium package: 30 min of video footage and 50 images and a small package, 15 min of video footage and 25 images. Things to expect: Needle and suture sessions, nailing balls to a wooden plank, nail scratching and many more.

For more info, prices and orders send me a email.

Paarse bloemen

Kink Awareness coach

Helping and guiding people within the fetish community who are struggling with feelings of submission or dominance, polyamory and kink. A different view on intimacy and kink. Guiding people in their first steps in the BDSM world and deepening these steps further. Kink life coach, BDSM educator and professional dominatrix with over 5 years in full-time private practice. I enjoy working with individuals and couples in an empathetic, coaching approach to support a sex-positive kink/BDSM lifestyle, focused on building a healthy self-image, self-acceptance and nurturing relationship.

Note: I'm no therapist but a coach, if I think therapy is necessary we will guide you to the right position.



2h? maybe 8? Or 24H Where I Can play whenever I want with you? I lock you up in my basement, completely desolated from society. Drink my champagne whenever I need to go? Sleeping on a mattress drenched in my piss, now that would be a treat!



A uniqe way of bondage. Being locked away in a vacuumbed is a unique experience. Wanna get in trance and disappear for a while.. If you're lucky enough I pack out my milkmachine..

Lick!__#slavetraining #killerheels👠 #lo


order a personalised video where you want me to humiliate you or just wanna hear my latex squick?

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